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At what age do you allow your child to play in your yard alone? [poll]

31 votes
When do you feel it's safe to allow your child to play in your yard all alone?
1 year old (1 vote)
2 (0 votes)
3 (2 votes)
4 (14 votes)
asked in Kids by bcpotts (7,692 points)

16 Answers

7 votes
We were always paranoid with our first son since we didn't know what we were doing.  Then with our second we realized that none of us really knows what we're doing so we relaxed a bit.  A short time later we discovered that our little guy was a socialite and would go and talk to any neighbours he could find the second he was on his own.  We un-relaxed after that.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
5 votes
I would say your backyard is fine for the little guy after he turns 3, until then you should probably keep an eye on him
answered by Stephanie (528 points)
5 votes
I would say at least 4 years old and it looks like at least 2 people agree with me judging from the website.  I have a hard time ever taking my eyes off my kids, even when one is becoming a teenager soon.  If 30 years old was an option I would pick that one.
answered by perfectparent (176 points)
7 votes

Michael Dunahee went missing from a playground at Blanshard Elementary School in Victoria, British Columbia.  He was 4 years old.  I always kept an eye on my matter where we were.

answered by wisteriagirl (420 points)
6 votes
I can't remember if it was 3 or if it was 4, but they are never really left alone!  We'd always keep an eye on them (they just need to feel independent at times!)
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
5 votes
I live in a pretty poor neighborhood so I would even choose an older age than 4 if I could.  Sad but true.
answered by Christine (198 points)
4 votes
6! Even with a fully fenced yard anyone walking by could snatch before its noticed. Unless you live way out where you dont have to be concerned with traffic - both cars and pedestrian, or stray dogs, local pedephile alerts etc. A child should know what a stranger is and understand to come back inside as soon as anyone tries to talk to them or worse.

Even though I live in whats concidered a 'small town' there is enough dangers out there that I wouldnt want to chance it.
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
5 votes
My older son started playing outside on his own at around age 4. However, it's not really like he is alone. We are constantly checking on him too see if he is getting into trouble.
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)
5 votes
I think a big part of the decision is also what type of yard and neighborhood do you have.  If it is completely enclosed and you can see from the house then 3 is acceptable.
answered by Holly (201 points)
4 votes
I think at least 4 years old.  The age where your children should start getting comfortable without you is just a little before junior kindergarten in my opinion.  You should do it a little before so you dont have a super whiney baby when you first drop him or her off.  I still remember when I was a kid I saw all these children crying.  I didnt, but if I knew what I was about to start (school) I wouldve balled till the cows came home.
answered by Annabelle (159 points)