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I have a baby bath but wonder if it is safer to put it in the bathtub or on a counter? [poll]

21 votes
I do not want to fill  up the tub each time so prefer to use the baby bath. Also I have difficulty bending over the tub so am looking for suggestions for comfort and safety. The bathroom makes most sense as it is easy to keep it warm.
In the bathtub (6 votes)
On the floor (0 votes)
On a counter (2 votes)
asked in You and baby by Jenny (182 points)

7 Answers

3 votes
Best answer
My husband or I either bathe with them or we get our bathing suit on and sit in the tub while the baby bath is in there.  It's a fun way to bathe our little man without breaking our backs.
answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
selected by AskDaddy
It is a good solution, but if your a single parent with back problems, getting in & out of the tub alone, could be a problem!
I do like that idea with 2 adults, one in the tub, the other to take baby out & wrap in a towel! Good one!
2 votes
I'll do it in the bathtub.
answered by AskDaddy (2,639 points)
3 votes
I always had him on the kitchen counter (when he was a newborn!)  I have terrible back problems & I was always terrified I'd drop him, while being bent over the tub!  The kitchen sink was right there if warmer water was needed, and of course i was with him every minute (never left alone for a second!)
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
2 votes
When son was quite small we had a babybath that fit over our double kitchen sink - very handy. When he was bigger I would get into the tub too. Daddy would take the monkey afterward to dry and dress and I got to have a relax in the tub! :)
answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
Yep- I like your answer Guppy!  We did the same (as long as one was home to help take the baby out of the tub!)
Yes, we did the same with our kids and now they do the same with their children....
3 votes
I'd have to say it all depends on the age of the baby!  If it's newborn/infant, I'd use the kitchen counter (at the sink!)  Once they get old enough to kick, punch, squirm, I'd say tub.
answered by karlisss (3,585 points)
2 votes
I think the safest and easiest thing to do is put the baby bath in a place where it is safe (no danger of slipping) and also easiest for you to reach (no bending over).
answered by jenna3967 (2,690 points)
2 votes
I put mine on the kitchen table. It is the perfect height and also allows me to lay out everything i need in order to bathe, dry and dress. I used to use the counter with the tub over the sink but quickly moved on to the table. You just need to find a place that is comfortable both for you and baby.
answered by mbreda (211 points)