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My baby will only eat formula and wont stop?

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My little boy is 10lb 12oz and 6 weeks of age. He's formula fed and has up to 7 bottles of 150ml/5scoops of SMA in 24hrs.

He's not so bad in the day but during the night he moans for a bottle, drinks every last drop and has been known to wake up 1 and a half hours later for more

A health visitor suggested giving water between feeds but he's not happy wit that

Is he honestly that hungry or do I need to be strict and change the routine feeding times (2100/12am/3am/6am.
asked in Baby feeding by perfectparent (176 points)

9 Answers

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I wouldnt feed my baby in the middle of the night, maybe that is your problem, try to get rid of the late night feeding as much as possible, night time is sleep time
answered by Jodi (156 points)
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You might need tough love and stricter daily schedule of feeding, hope it works out.
answered by Teresa (214 points)
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I breastfed my son, so don't remember this problem.  What did ur family doc. say?
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
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If anything maybe you should be happy that he has an appetite.  I would slowly put fruit on his plate, things like cut up peaches and blueberries may get his tongue used to other flavours and then he will be open to other foods as well.
answered by Deborah (197 points)
He's only 6 weeks old. ?
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My littlest guy is now 7 months old and weighs 20lbs ...but was the same always waking up and wanting to eat?  every 1 and 1/2 hour feeds...he's on Soy formula...I asked the pediatrician and his answer was ...Feed on Demand...he's hungry. he wakes up only once in the middle of the night has about 4 oz of soy formula and falls back to sleep for about 3-4 hours ( he also eats solids now ...started at about 5 months).  Every baby is different  and as a mother of 5 I can honestly say they all had different schedules ...the 4 boys were hungry 24/7 and my only daughter slept her nights.  I really feel your frustration and it's so tiring on everyone.  Hang in there...and a little water doesn't hurt...because too much formula can constipate/colic...take care.
answered by Chris666 (658 points)
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He's only 6 weeks old. If he was 6 months and starting solids then Id say get stricter but this little mite probably is doing some big growing now and needs the feeds. If Doc says his weight is good (not gaining too fast) then that's a sure sign. How about a bigger feed? 150ml doesnt seem like much.

answered by Guppy (6,009 points)
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I'd definitely talk to your doc or a nurse about this and see what they advise.  Sounds to me like he's cluster feeding.  My little one was breast fed and was fed about 3-4 oz every 4 hours (6, 10, 2).  When he cluster-fed (growth spurts require more calories) he would feed every 1-1.5 hours....some nights I don't even remember feeding him, burping him and putting him back to bed.  I turned into an automaton! 

Your babe's only 6 weeks old so I think you're ok.  Babies won't eat if they're not hungry.  Don't give water to a 6 week old please!  I can't believe they told you that.  Not healthy at all.  Every baby's different and some babes require more food than others.  My son is now 10 months old, 23lbs and 32" long.  Healthy, happy and safely plump. 

answered by channylaf (3,549 points)
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I am breastfeeding my son, who is now 7 months old, but remember well feeding every hour-and-a-half. Infants grow so fast, they often need to be fed more often than every three hours. DO feed him when he wants to be fed. Feeding on demand is very normal for young babies.

Cluster feeding is hard on us Moms, but take heart, it does get better!
answered by jenmccaul (690 points)
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My daughter is 8 weeks old and eating 120ml every 2.5-3 hours. Sometimes she finishes it all sometimes she does not. Her last feed before going to bed is at around 22:00. Then she will wake up anywhere from 2:00-5:00am for another bottle and sleep until 8 or 9. Every baby is different. Your little one may be going through a growth spurt right now and needs the extra feeds/ounces. I have been told no water what so ever. It is simply empty calories and right now they are to small to start giving them water. When my daughter is hungry I feed her. If she takes her whole bottle fine, if not that is fine also. The only thing that my doctor has told me in regards to feeding is to not wake her up during the night, if she is hungry she will let me know. If you are really concerned contact her pediatrician. smiley


answered by mbreda (211 points)