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How do you discourage biting when nursing?

6 votes
Now that my son's teeth are coming in, he is biting sometimes when beginning to nurse. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?
asked in Baby feeding by jenmccaul (690 points)
I should add my son is only 7 months old, making communication pretty difficult at this stage.

1 Answer

0 votes

tI may be time to stop breast feeding if your son's teeth are beginning to show. I realize that I will get a bit of grief from saying this but everyone is entilted to an opinion...right?  You don't mention how old he is but if he talks or at least understands you when you speak to him, try talking to him and letting him know that when he bites it hurts you.  Ask him to be gentle.  Good luck with your breast feeding smiley

answered by wisteriagirl (420 points)