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What is the best diaper rash cream? [poll]

5 votes
I was wondering what diaper rash cream you ladies thought was the best. Opinions and reviews welcomed.
Zincofax (0 votes)
Desitin (0 votes)
Penaten (5 votes)
Bourdeaux's Butt Paste (1 vote)
asked in Health and advice by mbreda (211 points)

3 Answers

1 vote
I tried other brands along the way but found Penaten to be the best.
answered by Trace (62 points)
1 vote
when my son has dipper rashes i put bag balm it is old reptey that my mom told me about and i ask my doc a bout it and she said if it works go ahead and use it dot heart ur child and i love it try that.
answered by Cathleen Helton (231 points)
1 vote
Vaseline works to prevent diaper rash, but Buttocks Paste by Panta works wonders to heal it! (Hospitals use it)
answered by meldoescoups (62 points)

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