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Is two birthday parties too many?

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So I have a girl turning 3 and I will have to throw 2 parties because my parent can only make it on Saturday and  the in laws will be there Sunday.  is two cakes too many? I dont want to make it seem like I went all out for one side of the family and not the other.  My parents want to make it a big deal and I am sure the in laws will too.  Can someone offer some advice or maybe tell me that I am over thinking this because I think I am
asked in Grandparents by Natalie (120 points)
I think it's alright, Natalie. My cousin and his wife have a 4yo daughter, and 1yo son. They have a baby on the way in May. Last year they held a larger group gathering for her 4th bday, and then a follow-up one the next weekend as there were a number of people who couldn't make it. One had more of a family theme, and the other seemed to have more kids/families from the neighbourhood, and new friends she had made. She'll be turning 5 mid-March.

2 Answers

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Why not have 2 parties!?  I say have 2 smaller cakes or a cake one day then cupcakes the next!  Celebrate with both families, as they have to come on different days.  They both love her & want to share in the joy & happiness!

Go with the flow & party both days! Make wonderful memories for all involved (they grow up so quickly!)  Also, you may be faced with not having them around next b-day.  My parents have passed & we all miss them terribly!
answered by bcpotts (7,692 points)
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i have a son that will be a year next mounth and he is going to have 2 b day partys one at my mom and one at his moms i dop think haveing 2 b day partys is fun cause more gifts they get and more fun that thellhave fun to
answered by Cathleen Helton (231 points)