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Dont know what is wrong with my child, please read & diagnose

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Hi all, hope someone out there can help me!

I have a 4 month old baby girl who fidgets non stop, she esp fidgets at night, flailing her arms and legs all over, grunting like like shes in pain, scratching her eyes and nose like she has an itch she cant scratch.

last week i took a video of her on my phone at her grunty and fidgetiest time and took her to the docs for the umpteenth time

ive been reading up on lactose intolerance...and thought it maybe that...the docs can prescribe lactose free milk on prescription. BUT they advise against that just in case its not, if we start that now she'll never be able to have milk again...and shes needs the calcium because hes growing....the docs seem to think its were trying the baby gaviscon again and the coleif drops, both on prescription.

i give her special colic massages, cycle her legs, use johnsons baby bedtime all out of ideas! Does anyone else have this problem!?...

help please!!

asked in Health and advice by WandaOoPanda (116 points)

2 Answers

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I don't know what is causing this in your daughter but the son of an aquaintence had similar symptoms until he was three of four.  The doctors could do nothing for him so she started trying things herself.  She tried eliminating thngs from his diet like milk and sugar and that helped a little.  Finally she eliminated wheat form his diet and he started sleeping much better and have fewer bathroom accidents.  His appetite also started to improve.  He has now been diagnosed with celiac disease.
answered by cmic (4,473 points)
Thanks for your help and sharing
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my son did that to when he was born so i took him to my doc to and she said to put him on some soy milk cause it is almost like milk but it is latouse milk for babys i would try that for ur baby.
answered by Cathleen Helton (231 points)